Montana Bag Works 1st Blog... Get ready for some really cool bags! July 2019

We have been greeted with great anticipation by many of you out there regarding the launch of our Montana Bag Works handbag line and we sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm! We are equally excited to share some of our latest news:

We will have 6 bag designs ready for purchase by November 2019. Each design will be offered in 4-6 different colors - so there will be lots of choices for the right color both for your accessory choice and the season that it compliments the best.

The roll out for the initial bags has been time intensive and we were prepared for this developing the line. As many of you know from our trade show and speaking with us via Skype - each bag artwork is created by hand in Montana, USA and then hand sewn in Italy. The result of this process is incredible - the artistic talents by our artists merging with the incredible craftsmanship of Italian sewing quality is amazing. The bags are inspiring, colorful and lovely not to mention incredible conversation pieces.

What designs are we going to debut? We have been asked this A LOT by all of you. You can see the first bag we created on the site now on the homepage - the Rainbow Trout - which will be in the River Line category. This bag will have 4 different background colors to chose from with a matching shoulder strap that is removable and antique brass hardware. All our bags will come in 2 sizes: A Pochette and a Mini Pochette.

More designs are in the works as we speak and will be blogged about in due course so check back often. In the meantime - have a wonderful summer and remember to check the site often for our grand opening of our line! - Montana Bag Works, Montana, USA

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